Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Just in case you all think it has gone rather quiet here after the recent flurry of action I should point out that I'm currently away on my V3 Manager's Bridge Course and looking forward to the prospect of  becoming a v3 Expert. Well on paper at least. I'm glad to say my fellow course members seem equally realistic about what  the course is actually giving them. It would be hugely unrealistic to expect the course to deliver expertise.

I'll blog more on the sate of ITIL training in the next few weeks. For now I'm off to take a mock exam.


  1. The V3 bridge was super easy. After taking the V2 Service Manager course it was a walk in the park

  2. OK, now I've taken the exam I feel a little freer to comment.

    The exam was easy because the tuition was, ultimately, very targeted at the exam questions. There were also several questions where the answer could be easily derived from information in the question and scenarios.

    Do I feel justified in calling myself a v3 expert on the basis of passing* this exam?

    Frankly no. I certainly wouldn't trumpet it the way some people on Linkedin do, and if I was an employer I would place little value on it.

    Incidentally, although it is too late in the life cycle now to be viable, I think a major trick was missed in not making the expert level an essay based exam. Not just because it would have required delegates to demonstrate understanding, but because it would also have provided valuable feedback on v3 in the real world.

    *OK, I'm presuming I passed, being ISEB it will be a few weeks before I hear.

  3. Just a quick update - I did pass the exam with a 100% xscore, and I still don't think it makes anyone an expert in v3.