Brandon Lane CIO

OK, everybody loves Brandon Lane CIO.

This is where I tell you a little bit more about him.

First of all Brandon Lane is not me.

He is cleverer and more handsome, and ties a better bow tie.

On the other hand he is not perfect.

As I said to Mr Dancy on the recent podcast "Brandon Lane does not wear a cape."

He is a typical non IT specialist dropped into an IT management role. In the UK at least this is becoming quite common as the technical in house IT department is replaced by a retained IT team focussed on managing  external IT suppliers. That might be a bit of a spoiler.

Yes the stories are a  little bit amusing, but they will get darker. I like to use the term IT noir.

Above everything else they are intended to be educational. Expect to see a closer link between the plots of Brandon Lane and the themes of CoreITSM 101. You can also expect more interactive elements, for instance there are key plot points where I'm going to let you, the audience, decide what Brandon's next move is going to be. Don't forget you can interact with him on Twitter as @BrandonLaneCIO as well.



Episode 1 Brandon unexpectedly becomes CIO
Episode 2
Brandon begins to make plans

Episode 3 Brandon meets the Help Desk
Episode 4 Brandon and the techie
Episode 5 Brandon and the PA from Hell
Episode 6 Brandon gives the Help Desk manager a wake up call
Episode 7 Brandon has a vision
Episode 8 Brandon meets The Ghost of ITIL Past
Episode 9 Brandon discovers Downtime is Forever
Episode 10 Brandon and the Xmas Present
Episode 11 Brandon and the Xmas Prodding
Episode 12 Brandon and Xmas future
Episode 13 Brandon and the New Beginning

Who is Who in Brandon Lane

Brandon Lane  - Ex Chief Internal Auditor and now a reluctant CIO
Yssabel Lane - Brandon's better half, in her eyes at least. Some times right, but never wrong.
Sally Fields - Brandon's ex Head of Computer Audit, now acting CIA
Hans Hokum - Chief Executive and polyglot.
Jake Kingdom - A young techie who will one day learn to think before speaking
Richard Carter - Service Desk Manager with a limited idea of service
Kelly Holly - Service Desk team leader with a challenging future
Jacques Klipper - Recently ex CIO with a very quiet future
Dmitri Greco - Head of Development, so in his eyes really more important than the CIO
Maarten  Bloc -  Head of Security. Possibly not on the side of the angels
Lynda White -  The CIO's PA. Refuses to describe herself as Mr Lane's PA.