Wednesday, 17 July 2013

JV Doing

When the ITIL joint venture was announced there is no doubt I was in the 'more sceptical than The Itskeptic' camp,  and somewhat cynical about the Capita charm offensive.

Perhaps I've fallen prey to that campaign myself,   but so far I've found  AXELOS very willing to engage in challenging debate, and to talk to those of us who from time to time have found ourselves outside the walls of  Castle  ITIL.

Which is how I found myself today at the first of their workshops to discuss the way forward.  At this point I have to say that I can't go into detail about what was discussed,  but I can give you some flavour of the event.

I guess some observers would say the attendees were the usual suspects,  and biased towards England and North  America,  although to be fair Barclay Rae was there as well to represent Scotland.

What was refreshing though was to hear so many of the ITIL 'Great and the Good'  speaking honestly about the constraints ITIL has worked under in the  past, and the mistakes we've made along the way.

This was balanced by a real desire to move forward and review ITIL from first principles. This can  only be a good thing.
Let me stress that this was only the first day of the first workshop.  Nothing is being rushed into,  but nothing is sacred,  and the views of other geographies and interest groups will be actively canvassed. 

But so far so good....

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