Monday, 12 April 2010

And your specialist subject is?

I get woken up every morning by my wife's toy poodle.

Daisy greets every day with so much joy I wish I was on whatever she is on.

Five thirty in the morning and Daisy is ready to face the new day.

Personally, I'm usually not.

But hey, who can resist such enthusiasm?

Now recently there has been a whole bunch of posts saying ITIL is over the hype curve, and a bunch of posts saying it ain't so... and personally I don't give a damn, because I retain my enthusiasm.

If I can be bothered I might add the links here, but currently ask yourself "Am I bothered?"

What concerns me is we need a realistic view of what ITIL is all about. So what answer do we come up with?

And at this point I refer you back to two of my earlier posts. Is ITIL a profession, and if it is, what kind of training scheme do we need to support it?

And now I ask you the killer question. You are at a party. I don't know, perhaps you've even blagged your way  on to the Pink 11 VIP list. A vision of loveliness, or even Chris Dancy, comes up to you and says those magic words.

"What do you do for a living?"

You are an ITIL expert, OK, should be an easy question to answer. You do...what exactly?

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