Saturday, 28 March 2009


ROI for ITIL has always been a tricky area. There have been grandiose claims (see the IT Skeptic for the debunking of some) but little hard evidence. In many ways this isn't surprising, because even under perfect conditions ROI is going to be hard to prove. And lets begin with a very simple problem;a lot of people talk about ITIL ROI don't always know what they mean by the term. Not surprising when the financial aspect of ITIL is so unpopular on the training courses.

So Part 1 begins with a look at the investment angle.

And here I find myself at variance with the norm, but let us remind ourselves where that norm comes from.

Consultants. Say after me "Consultants want to maximise their utilisation" 

So let us think about this. The people you go to for advice make more money the longer it takes you to achieve something.

How good are you feeling now? Log on tomorrow

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