Thursday, 26 July 2018

I have a dream.

Or rather, I had a dream.

The other morning I was having a lovely dream until the boss kicked me out of bed to make the chickens coffee, unload the dogs, feed the dishwasher and let her out. I don't fire on all cylinders that early.
Anyway the dream I think owes something to a guy called Michael Hill, who Ivor Macfarlane and Alan Nance will remember as one of the early ITIL lecturers at Sunningdale and who also ran a great project management course in conjunction with Outward Bound.
So what was the dream? It was about a portfolio of ITSM simulations designed to be run as non-classroom events. Either outdoors or designed from scratch to work at big conferences Unfortunately by the time of my rude awakening the only one that I'd worked out was about getting disparate and diverse teams to realise they had common targets in common.

Just a dream, or does it have legs as an idea?

Well, initial responses to the idea seem very positive, and some very welcome input from the Back2ITSM community on things it has to address, like inclusivity, diversity, and the no-win scenario.

But there are at least four big questions that worry me.
  • Will people buy it?
  • How do we embrace diversity and inclusivity?
  • Who would develop it commercially?
  • What on earth would the course look like in reality?

The consultant in me thinks there should be a fifth point.  It is probably
  • Could I still pay the mortgage?

Overwhelming me is the thought that this is needed, but how to make it happen?

An existing training company, a kickstarter campaign?

Answers on a postcard, please

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