Saturday, 2 October 2010

Flash, bang, wallop

'Old it, flash, bang, wallop, what a picture What a picture, what a photograph'
Lyrics from Half a Sixpence
Have you missed me?
I've been rather busy putting together some interesting bids and delivering some exciting service catalogue propositions. I know, I'm on record as being somewhat critical of service catalogues, but that is when other people are involved, and the objectives aren't clear.

I've also been busy rediscovering some of ny hobbies, including photography. I recently took delivery of a new camera. It is an end of line Panasonic LX3. Now I have previous when it comes to buying cameras.
As I write this I have five cameras sat on my desk.

The thing is, as I keep explaining to my beloved wife, is that different cameras suit different purposes.
I have a Pentax DSLR that I love because it can take photographs that no camera I've ever owned before has been capable of, but it can be heard from a mile away when you click the shutter.
I have a Panasonic FZ18 super zoom that has produced photos at Le Mans when friends with expensive DSLRs have struggled.

I've got a little Panasonic compact which will fit in a shirt pocket, and of course there is a camera in my mobile phone.

But then there is my Panasonic LX3.
It isn't the most up to date camera, in fact I only bought it after they announced a new model and the price dropped accordingly.It doesn't have a great zoom lens, though it does have a surprisingly wide angle facility.

But what it does do it does really, really well. And that happens to coincide with the street photography that I most enjoy doing.
The ITSM conclusion?
Ask yourself what do you REALLY want an ITSM tool to do for you today. Don't worry too much about what you want to do in two or three years time, trust me, the technology will have moved on by then.

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