Thursday, 21 May 2009


When I ran ITIL course I was sometimes surprised by the concepts that found people difficult.

Prioritisation is a good example, which is a shame because I believe that understanding how prioritisation should really work is one of the keys to unlocking the power of ITIL.

In a later post I want to look at prioritisation as part of my approach to reacting to the recession ( See an earlier entry) but for now I want to focus on the basics.

To me prioritisation is about:

  • Deciding what is important in the big picture
  • Allocating the right resources
  • Ensuring the activities are completed at the right time.
In contrast many people seem to see it in terms of:

  • Doing what is most important right now this minute
  • Throwing everything we've got at it
  • Doing it now
There is quite a difference between these worldviews, and anyone familiar with Goldratt's Theory of Constraints will be able to see what is wrong with the second view.

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